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Bodybuilding is sixty percent Nutrition, twenty percent exercise, and twenty percent recovery.  This long standing calculation has been the Holy Grail of body transformation for every athlete, solider, or showman competitor for years.  It really supports the statement “You are what you eat”, but with this knowledge readily available why do so many people have such a problem getting their fitness goals met?  Anyone who wasn’t genetically gifted from birth at some point or another has fantasized about how they would like their body to look. For those of you who have  found enough motivation to dedicate thirty minutes in the gym five days a week, and have seen little to no progress you might be starting to realize it’s not enough just to work out hard.

Fitness Nutrition is becoming a science led by an experienced professional personal trainer with a wide knowledge base to ensure optimal results. Strategically taking in different types of foods at specific times of the day will ensure maximum results from your daily workouts.  We will review some of these important overlooked factors when it comes to getting trim that are so very often ignored.

Eating a balanced diet of proteins, carbs, milk and dairy, vegetables and fruit in the right proportions for your body weight and body type is essential.  Anytime you begin a fitness or nutrition program, be sure to allow your body time to adjust to the change. If you want to increase your metabolism, be sure to eat small meals that will fit in the palm of your hand every two hours. It may be hard at first but after about a week of forcing yourself you will begin to get hungry at the scheduled times everyday.

If you are a smoker you must give those up! Smoking will cause your body to be inefficient where oxygen   uptake is concerned. That’s why smokers give out so quickly when doing fitness programs. Simply changing your diet and eating healthy will not be enough to get the results you are looking for if you smoke.

Maintaining a good nutrition plan and fitness program for three months will have most people feeling the best they ever felt. Not to mention the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle increases your body’s natural immune defense and could help prevent you from becoming sick as often, and the duration of sickness will be shortened.

The problem with most people is they just don’t know what to eat. I have found a solution to this problem. There is an online nutrition software program that will do all of your calculations for you based on your body type. It is the easiest program to follow and completely change your  eating habits.  Customized Fat loss


Getting a personal training program is also essential for achieving your fitness goals the fastest.


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